Rug & Carpet Binding Services by Baltimore Floor Works

Custom rug and carpet binding bring infinite possibilities to the table when remodeling your home.

Designing a rug by taking advantage of the design opportunities afforded by carpet binding is a solution for when you know what you want in a rug, but it’s not on the racks. The solution to your rug quandary is to create a rug from scratch; you choose the carpet, shape and size of the rug as well as the type and color of the binding. 

Although the combinations of carpet and binding are infinite, there is a specific combination that will yield your perfect custom rug. Don’t worry, the design associates at Baltimore Floor Works will work with you to curate the selections for rug and carpet binding, we want to inspire you, not overwhelm you. 

How rug & carpet binding works

Once you know the size and type of carpeting you want, you choose the shape. You are not restricted to squares, rectangles or circles. You can have a subtle wave along an edge or forego a circle for a star. We will work with you to find the perfect carpet – solid, patterned, shag or sisal, etc.

All that is left is to decide is which type of binding to use to finish the raw edges of the rug. There are two types of binding that can match or contrast the color of the rug:

  • Twill binding that is made of a wide, heavy cotton tape that envelops the raw edge. The three layers are sewn together to make a neat, tailored finished.
  • Serger binding stitches tightly over the raw edges. If you want fringe to finish your rug, this is the binding option to select.

If you already have a rug, but its edges are frayed, we can re-bind the edges for you.

Rug & carpet binding is an affordable option

Now you know the trick that interior designers use for custom rugs. Visit our showroom in Westminster, MD to find your custom rug solution within your budget. Baltimore Floor Works brings rug and carpet binding to our customers in Carroll, Montgomery and Howard counties in Maryland, and Adams County and Hanover in Pennsylvania.

Free Carpet Measurement

A professional in-home measurement for carpet from Baltimore Floor Works is indispensable. With the final amount of carpeting calculated courtesy of the in home measurement, you will be able to select the carpet you love that is kind to your budget. Call us or stop by our showroom in Westminster, MD to schedule your free in-home measurement for your carpet today.

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