Baltimore Floor Works Carpet Installation Services are The Best in Town

A skilled carpet installation brings a floor’s beauty to the forefront of your home. When Baltimore Floor Works’ installation team is finished, the only thing that is left behind is your beautiful new carpet. The art of installing a carpet is in making our handiwork disappear; all you see is a smooth field of broadloom, no lumps, no kinks nor raised edges.

Since 1995, Baltimore Floor Works has been installing floors the right way in Carroll, Montgomery and Howard counties in Maryland, and Adams County and Hanover in Pennsylvania. We install carpeting as well as unfinished and finished hardwood, unfinished and finished engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic and porcelain tiles, sheet vinyl and laminate flooring.

Preparing for a carpet installation

Like so much in life, the outcome of the installation depends on preparation and skill. Here are some tips that you can use to have your space ready for installation day:

  • Arrange your schedule so you will be at home for the installation; occasions arise where you will be needed to make a last minute decision
  • For their safety, keep children and pets away from the installation
  • Remove appliances, furnishings and furniture from the installation site; if appliances are connected to natural gas or propane, disconnecting and reconnecting should be done by a professional
  • Remove and dispose of the old flooring
  • Clear an area for the crew to work adjacent to the installation; both areas need to have power, adequate light and access to water, and, the temperature kept above 65 degrees
  • If your flooring’s manufacturer requires its product to be acclimated, we will go over that with you ahead of time; if required, expect the flooring to be delivered ahead of time and placed in the same climate as where it will be installed

The carpet installation

If you need help with the preparations, please let us know ahead time so we can help. On installation day, the crew will arrive on time and ready to work. They will do their job, clean up scraps, give you remnants for future use (if necessary) and thoroughly vacuum the carpet.

We will walk with you to inspect the installation. If we find any areas that need adjusting, we will do it immediately or schedule to have it done at your convenience. Baltimore Floor Works only considers and installation complete, when you are satisfied with your beautiful new carpet.

Free Carpet Measurement

A professional in-home measurement for carpet from Baltimore Floor Works is indispensable. With the final amount of carpeting calculated courtesy of the in home measurement, you will be able to select the carpet you love that is kind to your budget. Call us or stop by our showroom in Westminster, MD to schedule your free in-home measurement for your carpet today.

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